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6 advantages

Cost effective

With international first-class brand co production, high-end quality, reasonable price, help you win more repeat customers

Leading design

The R & D team has more than decades of professional badminton product technology and development experience. The design style is fresh and fashionable. It is always at the forefront of technology and trend, so that you can grasp the market opportunity

Regional protection

We implement strict regional sole agency and price protection policy, which has more long-term profit potential

Spot sale

We mainly focus on spot sales with sufficient supply, which avoids the financial pressure and sales risk brought by the futures mode. At the same time, it is conducive to seize the large orders of group buying, so as to ensure that you can obtain higher output with less input

Promotion support

Counter image, club packaging, event sponsorship, award scraping, new product trial, assistant clothing sponsorship, training support, terminal service support

Product customization

We are good at according to your market competition and development needs, for you to customize the national exclusive sales of products, help you expand the market to obtain greater benefits