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The founder said

I'm Chen feng from a small mountain village in yangchun, guangdong province. The conditions in the countryside were very hard in childhood, but the rural people believed that "only hard work can lead to good results". Therefore, I have studied hard since childhood, hoping to become a useful person for the society when I grow up.
In 1998, I graduated from southwest university and started my second life.
My first job was to work as site manager in a taiwanese-owned computer factory, during which I successfully introduced "ISO9000 quality management system". This experience gave me a strict quality management concept and systematic methods, and benefited me a lot.
Second job, sales job at Pepsi. The light season of beverage market is very obvious. Faced with the fierce competition from Coca Cola, I meticulously carried out "channel intensive work" and often ranked on the list of outstanding achievements. This experience taught me that homogeneous products and services are the core competitiveness.
In 2000, he entered the badminton racket industry, and successively worked as a business manager, product development, marketing director in brand companies and factories. In most cases, there is a lack of smooth and effective communication between racket factories, brand operations, racket dealers and badminton enthusiasts. Especially in some racket factories, what are the real needs of players? It mainly stays at the level of price war and can not provide upgraded products for the advanced players.
It is not difficult to understand that these companies are "doing business" rather than "brand" and naturally there is no incentive to research and development, anyway, according to the customer's price orders can be produced.
In August 2006, based on the understanding of the badminton industry and the existence of pain points, I feel I want to create an ideal brand, this impulse is getting stronger and stronger, and thus began his own life of entrepreneurship. There are 3 reasons for this decision:
1) through 6 years of industry accumulation, I feel that I can do this job well.
2) I fell in love with badminton circles. Fall in love with the healthy vitality of badminton sport, love the simple and pure customer relationship, love the warm and sincere circle of friends.
3) badminton is a business that brings health and happiness to users.
Admittedly, entrepreneurship is a challenge for me, a rural child with no foundation and no background, but I still think it is a happy and meaningful journey. At the beginning of my business trip, I was able to travel to more than 10 cities in seven days, usually by evening train, saving both time and accommodation costs. Sometimes I go out to talk business during the day, and I do not feel tired when I go back to the factory to help me with my work in the evening.
We developed a number of high-quality distributors in the first year. More than 90% of them are still the iron rod of VS. Together with the distributors they refer to, they become the stable base of VS.
In December of 06, I met the first test of entrepreneurship. On the way to business, he was stolen a wallet with ID cards and 3 bank cards. I lost the bank card for the first time, and asked my old friend to renew his identity card. Then report the bad news to the supplier one by one: the money can not be paid for a while.
I didn't expect all the suppliers to say that they had no relationship. During the months waiting for certification, they did not collect the payment before, but continued to supply normally. Our orders and production had no effect. I will always remember this trust and friendship.
In March 2007, I received a batch of orders from a foreign customer, Giss. Before delivery, I found that one of the rackets might have a quality problem.
After checking it myself, I decided that the rackets would not be shipped and offered to compensate Giss for the extra damage. Half a year later, when Giss asked about it, I took the racket out of the warehouse and Giss looked at it and said it had no quality problems, so I patiently explained that the racket had flaws in the weaving process that might cause the racket frame to be insufficiently durable.
We must never sell products that have hidden dangers. GESS was very happy after hearing it, and then gave us the order of the racket.
People often tell me that VS has developed so successfully that you can easily work. In fact, in a competitive environment, not allow a slight slack, peer progress, the market is changing, the demand for players is also upgraded. Only by constantly developing products and constantly improving service levels can we live up to the trust of our customers.
Dealer Luo long serves government units. He told me that before meeting with the leaders, he was bound to feel uncomfortable. After playing badminton, the leaders played and felt that they were very happy to get along with each other. Because when you play, you just enjoy the pleasure of badminton. You don't have to worry about your status, and you don't think about the benefits.
Thus, "the more pure, the happier" has become the Weichen brand and Weichen fans unique spiritual outlook, but also reflects our "as always, heartless, do not forget the original heart, simple" entrepreneurial philosophy.
Today, Weichen brand from scratch, in 42 countries and regions have more than 1,000 dealers, including soup cup champion Deni and other outstanding athletes, recognized and respected by the industry.
This is not an easy task. We cherish it very much.
Our business goal is sustainable brand management, and we must not only see immediate interests.
"Conscience and conscience" are our unchanging values.

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