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The Potential trap when purchasing the badminton rackets

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I have been engaged in the development and sales of badminton rackets for 18 years. Thanks to the trust and support of customers, our company and VS brand have also grown with the development of the industry.

I have often been asked recently how can I make my customers more and more?

The badminton racket industry had been a very high degree of transparency and price competitions as the matures of market after years of development. We usually need to spend more efforts to acquire a new customer and retain old customers. So, providing the good quality products is the most important rule.

Therefore, when purchasing badminton rackets, you should be careful not to let the quality of the product ruin your partnership with customers. I have summarized the potential tray in badminton racket procurement based on my 18 years’ industry experience. Hope it will help you.

Trap one: shoddy carbon yarn

As you know, the carbon materials including:

A、the place of origin

1、Domestic carbon fiber (not be used for VS brand)

2、Taiwan carbon fiber (be used for one aluminum-carbon racket for VS brand)

3、Japanese carbon fiber (be used for all VS brand and All rackets can be stringed more than 28 pounds)


1、Mitsubishi 24T (for VS brand beginner)

2、Mitsubishi 30T (for VS brand enthusiast players)

3、Mitsubishi 40T (for VS brand enthusiast and professional players)

4、Mitsubishi hot melt carbon cloth 30T (for VS brand enthusiast players)

5、Mitsubishi hot melt carbon cloth 40T (for VS brand enthusiast and professional players)

Tray two: False pound number

To obtain higher profits and orders in the price competition, few instinctive manufacturers often use low-level carbon fiber to impersonate high-level ones. What's more, 30%-70% of glass fiber is blended into the carbon fiber structure which may have a bright surface but poor quality. The customer can’t identify the carbon fiber level till use for a period to compare performance and durability. At that time, some customers were already considering changing the suppliers.

The number of pounds in the racket reflects the firmness of the frame, and the higher the pounds, the stronger the frame. The buyer and consumer usually will ask: "How many pounds can this racket meet?

Most of the carbon racquets in the market can be used with 28 pounds which is not technically difficult, but it is related to cost.

Some "smart" manufacturers secretly use inferior materials the "0-degree carbon yarn" in the outer layer of the frame to make the finished racket more tough during positive pressure test. The actual situation is that when you stringing, the lateral torsion resistance of the racket is very poor, the frame is easily deformed, the hitting is not strong, and the drop point cannot be controlled. The consumers will not buy it again.

All of rackets for VS brand can be stringed to 28 pounds even 46 pounds for some items. VS racket follows a strict and scientific structure, each frame type development process goes through 13 kinds of testing: positive pressure, side pressure, hit testing, impacting testing, high temperature, etc. We are not allowed to change the materials and structure once confirmed. Therefore, we not only pay attention to the ability to the high pounds, but also the torsion resistance of the frame, so that the rackets’ performance are better.

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