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Four popular wrapping methods of badminton racket PU grip

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Four popular wrapping methods of badminton racket PU grip

Method one

PU grip+thin sweat-absorbent grip

A、This is the most classic wrapping method, the thickness of the sweat-absorbent gip is                        adjustable.The thickness of the handle is moderate.

B、The outer sweat-absorbent grip can be replaced frequently, and the inner grip needs to be                replaced when it is old or feels inappropriate.

Method two

wooden handle wrapped with thick sweat-absorbent grip

A、The first wrapping method popular in Malaysia and other countries,which remove the original grip and wrap          it  directly on the wooden handle, simple and practical.

B、It can be wrapped around the middle pole, and it is very comfortable to hold the cone directly.

C、The batting felling is direct and It feels strong to hold the racket.

Method three

wooden handle+shock absorbing film+thin sweat-absorbent grip

A、The popular method recently especially for young players.

B、The handle becomes thinner, and make the racket light and smart.

C、It will be 6 grams lighter than the one wrapped by traditional method. The center of gravity of the racket is           more on the head

Method four

Pu grip+ EVA keel grip

A、Anti-slip effect is better.

B、Shock absorption effect.

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