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Product parameters


MATERIAL : High modulus graphite

WEIGHT : 82±2g

BALANCE : 295±3mm

LENGTH : 675mm    

STRING TENSION : 22~30lbs     

COLOR : Blue  

HARDNESS : Medium   

Patent No:ZL201220007526.9


TRAIT:Octagonal Medium Tube patent,3 in 1 Frame,One piece full graphite grip         

Product introduction

No shake badminton racket

The patented octagonal middle tube effectively prevents the racket from shaking around, improves the accuracy of the ball control,and improves the feel of the hitting ball.

Patent No:ZL201220007526.9

Octagonal Medium Tube patent

VS patent design---Octagonal Medium Tube enhances resistance to torsion, and stability of batting. Meanwhile, fast reverberate speed advances the whole performance.

C60 FULERENE CARBON(Enthusiast and professional player)

C60 FULLERENE CARBON is a new industrial material and the technology is:

1. Harder than diamonds.  

 2. Toughness (ductility) is 100 times stronger than steel .  

3.C60 FULERENE CARBON can make the material combination more compact, the racket more rigid, the torque       smaller, the rebound efficiency faster, and the hitting audio sharper.

3 in 1 Frame

In the head of frame is cutting wind triangle section, which avails you of gaining high speed of swing. In the middle of frame is hexagonal form,which effects in dispersion of tension, and let you feast on the control

of racket. In the rear of frame is octagonal structure, which makes reverse angle smaller while batting to enhance smash and response.