Focus: Let weichen badminton equipment become channel brand number three

Quality: Let soup cup champion Danny cheng weichen diehard dealer

Conscience: Allow weichen to be a highly consistent company


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The car pressure is constant, high temperature roasts not bad, peer who can do?

The car was under incredible pressure
The wheels have been repeatedly rolled over and over

The heat is not bad. You can't imagine it
Pull 30 pounds, four hours at 80 ° c almost the same performance

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Patented octagon octagon middle tube
100% eliminate lateral vibration deviation of feather beat,more accurate ball control

In Indonesia, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other places, more than 80% of the badminton hall, can see the fans of VS feather fans

The badminton series equipment which cannot be compared with the peers

  • 1) the entry-level nano series feather beat sells well for 12 years and cannot be discontinued;
  • 2) the intense class feather beat has its special advantage in the semi-professional game, is the weichen main racket;
  • 3) patent for octagon octahedral pipe, 100% elimination of lateral deflection of feather beat, more accurate ball control;
  • 4) weichen's annual sales of gum are 4.6 million, ranking second in China;
  • 5) single product VG002 with annual sales of 2.8 million, probably no one can excee;
  • 6) wesson feather series exports 42 countries and regions, is the top three domestic channel brands;
  • 7) the vesson "VS" trademark was originally registered in the UK and has now been successfully registered in 46 countries;
  • 8) in Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other places, more than 80% of the badminton hall use wesson series products;
  • 9) soup cup champion DENI has been a hardcore agent for wesson feather for eight years;
  • 10) Mr. YAP, one of the world's two governors, Lord datuk of Malaysia, Chinese chamber of commerce secretary general, more than 30 years badminton fanatic, is the founder and of the "magic tone threading method";
  • 11) nearly 20 former national players, champions and professors from multiple countries use wesson feather for teaching and competition;
  • 12)More than 100 elite coaches graduated from badminton majors in various sports institutes, all taught and played with weichen supplies;

Unheard of magic sports shoes

No injuries, child and your ankle joints, just depend on it

  • Children's badminton shoes should be made with professional standards to protect undeveloped skeletal joints.

  • The children's badminton shoes with more cushions on the front feet are more careful than the international brands.

  • Non professional badminton shoes also use professional carbon tablets to prevent sprained feet.

  • To better protect your ankles, VS badminton shoes pay special attention to the characteristics of ankle wrapping and "tight heels". Unique U-shaped design, when you start, the sole and your heel will not "separate" to prevent side slip and sprain, 90% of non-professional class shoes can not do.

Joined wesson and worked with hardcore dealer and soup cup champion DENI

After ten years of market accumulation, with more than 1,000 dealers, but we still look forward to more sporting goods merchants and badminton enthusiasts to join Weichen. We hope you:

Social distributors (coaches, club owners) purchase more than 3000 yuan in the first batch.

Physical dealers, the first batch of purchase 1--3 million yuan;

Other forms of distributors can be consulted in detail by telephone.


The entry-level nano series
sold well for 12 years
and could not be discontinued

Product center

More than 10 former players from several countries, and the head of the badminton association is using and recommending VS brands

Immediate consultation

More than 100 elite coaches graduated from the badminton major in various sports institutes, all used weichen supplies for teaching and competition

The entry-level nano series sold well for 12 years and could not be discontinued

Nanometer series feather pat, sold well for 12 years can not be stopped

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